It is the Group’s policy to ensure that our operations are carried out in such a manner so as to minimise any adverse impact on the environment.

Each division aims to minimise their carbon footprint. Initiatives include energy efficient buildings, the increased use of video conferences to reduce travel between locations and the use of trackers to reduce fuel usage.

Health and Safety is a fundamental part of our business.

Our health and safety policies and procedures operate at all sites and are designed to ensure that the health and safety of all our employees and customers and anyone else who is affected by our activities is appropriately safeguarded.

Furthermore, the Group is committed to developing a culture where all employees pay appropriate attention to health and safety risks to ensure that accidents and dangerous occurrences are prevented wherever possible. Health and safety training is provided as part of the induction process and ongoing training is provided to all employees as appropriate for their roles.

In March 2015, the Group renewed its electricity contract with a new ‘green’ product that is recognised as a zero-carbon electricity source.

Greenhouse gas emissions data for the year 2014-15 show that absolute CO2 emissions have increased, adjusted for higher activity levels, normalised CO2 emissions have reduced by 9% from 110.57 tonnes per £1m of revenue to 100.92 tonnes per £1m.

Our continued business success is founded upon the skills and commitment of our talented and diverse global workforce.

Vp has successfully run apprentice schemes for a number of years. We work closely with the Construction Industry Training Board to recruit and support our apprentices in plant maintenance and repair. We currently have 39 apprentices.

We recognise that in addition to the economic benefits our trading activity brings, we have a wider social responsibility.

As such we actively support both local and national charities. During the year ended 31 March 2015 we donated over £28,000 to charities. This included donations in support of employees participating in fund raising activities.

HAE Company of the Year

In 2015 Hire Station achieved the accolade of Hire Association Europe (HAE) Company of the Year. Independently judged, the awards recognise excellence throughout the hire industry. The award submission looked at health & safety, and environment along with workforce development and training.

Diamond Jubilee Charity Challenge

This year Vp plc has reached its Diamond Jubilee. As part of the celebrations we have been running a Diamond Jubilee Charity Challenge aiming to raise £30,000.

CSR Further Details

Further details of the Group’s corporate and social responsibility policies can be found in the latest annual report.